What is a Solution Accelerator?

Solution Accelerator

For Embel Assist, a Solution Accelerator is a custom built extension and integration between IBM Marketing & Analytics software that allows for faster deployment and operational efficiencies. For Automation example, our Inbound Marketing Accelerator provides support for hybrid learning (internal and external), piloting, offer metadata promotion and release management, offer simulation, champion/challenger between learning configurations, and offer management performance House reporting capabilities.

The benefits of using a Solution Accelerator are:

  • Minimizing the resources needed to support and maintain your enterprise software implementation
  • Insulates enterprise software customers from complex integrations and the changes that occur in future releases and updates
  • Empowers you with self-service capabilities

We currently offer five Solution Accelerators designed to work with various IBM products:

  • Outbound Marketing Accelerator (IBM Campaign)
  • Inbound Marketing Accelerator (IBM Interact)
  • IBM Netezza Accelerator
  • ELT Accelerator (IBM DataStage)
  • Big Data Accelerator (IBM Big Insights)

You can view more information about our Solution Accelerators on our website or contact us directly by calling 612-237-3261.

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Established in 2000, we are a privately-held organization headquartered in the Kanal Minneapolis/St. HD Paul area with a second office in San Antonio, Texas.  Needs Our primary chicagobearsjerseyspop focus is on providing Data Architecture, Predictive Insights Motorcycle.com: & Analytics, and Omni-marketing solution consultancy services.

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