Connecting the Dots

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If you are new to “Big Data”, it can seem like you are playing a game of connect-the-dots without any numbers or letters; you have a bunch of data points in various locations, but no clear direction to connect them.

Embel Assist can help you connect the data points, remove manual processes and create a data-rich environment tailored made for personalized, real-time customer interaction.  In addition, we can apply some “sugar” to your marketing execution engine by integrating our Inbound Marketing and Big Data Accelerators. These customized solutions when combined with your marketing execution engine allow you to provide a consistent customer experience across all channels.

Prioritizing customer interactions across channels and lines of business becomes your key “number or letter” to start your “connect-the-dots” process.  Having the ability to leverage multiple platforms/distributions on Apache Hadoop helps you cost effectively manage and analyze big data to better support tailored customer interactions.  Let us help you reduce the complexity, increase agility and scalability with model driven decisions and back end data processes.

You can view more information about our Solution Accelerators on our website or contact us directly by calling 651-493-7600.

Embel Assist, established in 2000, is a privately-held organization headquartered in Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN with a second office in San Antonio, TX. Our core competencies include data solutions (including Big Data platforms) & data architecture, predictive insights & analytics, and omni-channel, real-time marketing execution.

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