Setting Marketing Goals


The ability to position your content where and how your customers wish to consume it has become the new standard for marketing and is necessary to help your organizations meet or exceed it goals. Getting everyone to agree on the goals, objectives, and the success measurements in an organization is an important task. It is a process that encourages interaction from key stakeholders across the organization to establish the direct relationship between the organizations strategy and the key technical capabilities needed to deliver results. Most of us have used the SMART criteria to get there.

But what do you do when you uncover a need to modify your existing ecosystem (maybe you are not using it to its full abilities); or that you need to start looking for a new ecosystem; or that your data is spread across too many places to use it effectively. Embel Assist can help your organization determine whether your organization’s technical capabilities and business processes align with your goals, objectives, and key performance measurements. We can also help you uncover and implement solutions that are effectively aligned with your current capabilities and processes to support effective customer relationships in the future, allowing you to turn insights into marketable action using a new mnemonic acronym for SMART:

S – Solution Accelerators
M – Measurement
A – Analytics
T – Technology

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