Seamlessly Connect Eloqua to your Enterprise Data

Oracle Eloqua is the engine that drives your marketing campaigns, and data is the fuel. Watch this two-minute video below to learn how EALink allows you to connect Oracle Eloqua to data from across your enterprise. Then, watch the full video 20-minute demonstration to see the solution in action.

EALink streamlines how users access data with simple point and click commands. This process allows users to identify the right data and quickly integrate it with their Oracle Eloqua in a completely secure and controlled environment. An environment that breaks down data silos, provides data governance and control, and most importantly, makes the right data available more quickly without IT intervention.

Watch the full on-demand webinar to learn how you can:

  • Implement self-service data access for your Oracle Eloqua users
  • Quickly connect to data in different source databases for enterprise applications
  • Automate data joins and aggregation to improve record completeness
  • Decrease time spent acquiring data to support list segmentation by 25%
  • Decrease data replication to Eloqua’s marketing database by up to 75%

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