Top 10 MarTech Consulting/Services Award

In martech’s early days, companies touted the Al and machine learning technologies that made their tools tick. Look at the ad campaigns around leading ones today, though, and you’ll notice that they play up capabilities rather than components. Actionable real-time insights are becoming the new gold standard. Integrations with popular sales tools matter more than ever. Especially as martech spending grows, usability is an increasing concern. Marketers are interested in what their martech tools can do for them- not necessarily how they do it. Al and machine learning technologies are no longer primary differentiators, and customers prioritize outcomes instead of flashy tech. As martech tools grow in capability, it becomes easier to confuse them. This is already evident in areas like customer data platforms (CDPs) and data management platforms (DMPs). With more than 8,000 marketing related products to choose from, marketing teams are overwhelmed by choice and find it challenging to find the puzzle pieces they need. There are many sources available to discover new solutions and services but narrowing down a category of vendors is challenging. Product reviews are marginally helpful since the way a product performs is often environmentally specific and dependent on interconnectivity with other platforms. Through this edition of CIO Applications, our editorial team wishes to highlight the top players within the martech sector, aiming to showcase eventful avenues in the arena through a peer to peer knowledge delivery approach. CIO Applications proudly presents its list of “Top 10 MarTech Consulting/ Service Companies 2020.”