Do you want to market to all your customers, but don’t want to upload or transfer terabytes of data to your cloud marketing solution? Embel Assist has a proprietary application to connect your cloud marketing system to an external data source (on-premise or cloud), process the logic on the wire, and provide only the needed data to support your marketing requirements.

How It Works


EALink® puts the power of campaign segmentation in the hands of campaign analyst. With the ability to connect to virtually any database using a standard database connection protocols, you can access the needed data where it resides whether it be on premise or in the cloud.  Keep the data where it belongs, especially if it is sensitive or protected data. Reduce the need to replicate data and allow you to get your marketing campaigns to market faster.

Features & Functions

Seamless UI Integration

End User Stays Within Their Cloud Marketing Automation Platform With Direct Access to External Data

Supports Multiple Database Platform

Gain Access to Multiple On-Premise or Cloud Database Platforms

(ex. Oracle, DB2, etc)

Configurable Campaign Data Selection

Data Selection Can be Configured for Individual Campaigns or Across Campaign Types

Secure Data Transfer

Data is Encrypted on Private Data Channels and is Never Replicated During Transmission From the Database to the Marketing Platform


Monitor the Number of Requests, Data Transfer Execution Times and Success/Failure

Data Access Administration

Control Data Access to The Cloud by Selecting Tables or Database Views Required for Campaign Execution


Significantly Reduce the Time Required to Acquire Data to Facilitate List Segmentation, by as Much as 50%.

Substantially Decrease Data Replication in The Cloud Marketing Database By Up to 75%

Sunset Unnecessary Macro Data Movement Processes