Building a Foundation for Growth.

Embel Assist is a certified IBM business partner

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supporting their Marketing and Analytical solutions.

Does your campaign execution team need

extra help or more expertise?

We have seasoned IBM campaign resource at affordable rates to give

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your team the extra boost it needs to get your campaigns out the door.

September 22, 2016:

Predictive Marketing in Real-time Replay

Did you miss our Predictive Marketing in Real-Time webinar?

If so, here is the Youtube link to watch it.

Make sure to start with a common goal and objectives...

sounds obvious, but imperative to success.

Embel Assist will use our Goal to Function

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assessment to walk you through the process.

Minimize the resources needed to support and maintain your implementation

Empower your business users and increase their self-service capabilities

Solution Accelerators allow you to spend more time

using your enterprise software and less time managing it.

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Turning Insights into Increase Offer Acceptance Cost Avoidance Effective Call Routing Increased Cross-sell and Up-sell Revenue Reduced Call Handling Time Timely Customer Engagement

Embel Assist is a predictive marketing professional services firm providing innovative solutions, products and guidance to drive optimal marketing performance for your customers and revenue to your bottom-line.

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Why Invest in Big Data & Business Intelligence

Forecast & Market Estimates

Data. Insight. Action.

Making IBM Analytics & Watson Work for You Website Email Mobile Call Center Chat In Store Social Direct Mail Predictive Engagements

As a certified business partner with IBM data and analytics platforms combined with Watson Consumer Solutions Engagement products, we can help you source and implement the right solution for your business as well as help you customize and integrate various systems to attain your consumer engagement goals.

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Featured Product

Proof of Value Predictive Engagement Solution

Business decisions and investment are based on perceived value. Embel Assist created a proof of value predictive engagement solution to effectively demonstrate how predictive analytics will impact consumer engagement before you make a significant investment. Decide Informed. Buy Smart.

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Deep & Broad Domain Expertise

End-to-End Data, Analytics, Execution and Management Services