5. Test Result

This screen is intended to allow the ability to view the query generated by EALink, customize the filters in the prior screen in SQL format, view a subset of the records in the external database and finally view the total query count.


  1. Non-Editable Query Statement
    • This is the query statement that EALink generated. To keep the integrity of the query you cannot edit the query.
  2. Editable filters
    • This allows you to edit the filters that were selected in the previous screen. Choose to include SQL functions, Group Conditions, etc.
  3. Number of Records to Return
    • Choose the number of rows to return in the grid below. This allows you to view a subset of the rows from the external database to ensure the values are what you expect
  4. Total result count returned by the query is:
    • This is the total number of rows returned by the query.
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